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April 05, 2007

"I Live a Life of Laziness and Luxury"

Seidel Okay, so, no, I didn't actually get Frederick Seidel to come into the studio and record poems for the blog. Not for lack of trying, of course, but in that equation I think I am a bit more like the nerdy girl with a pocket protector and Fred is the captain of the soccer team, and unless something monumental happens (see: Can't Buy Me Love, Lucas, A Cinderella Story, etc) he's sort of in charge.

Regardless, Frederick Seidel does have a very cool website, where you can listen to all of the poems from Ooga Booga. I thought I'd put a couple of my favorites up here on the blog, but you should definitely check out the site, too. Here's 'Frederick Seidel' (where the title of this post comes from):

To download the audio, click here.


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