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April 05, 2007

If You're Going To See Only One Poetry Reading This Year

That was a trick title. If you only have time for one poetry reading this year, it should definitely be our event with and Knopf on April 16th at The Strand.

But if you have time in your schedule for two, I suppose this would be the other one you should consider: the British and US Poets Laureate will be reading together in Chicago, DC, and London. I think this part is especially cool:

"Both poets will read their own work as well as important works by their contemporaries. The talks will focus largely on each laureate's understanding of his country's most significant poetic voices -- both established and emerging -- that may be unfamiliar to readers overseas."

I'm usually pretty skittish of the word 'important,' but I have to admit a real interest in seeing who the poets pick, especially Andrew Motion's emerging UK writers. Who do you think Donald Hall will pick as an emerging US poet? (I'm sure Dan over at Emerging Writers Network has some suggestions!)


Dan Wickett

Man, put on the spot by Ami! As a poetry "expert"... Man, I can't even type those words without having to stop and laugh out loud. As one who has read about 30 books of poetry in his lifetime, my views are extremely limited, but if I had to lob out some names of poets who either have not published a book, or say, have 2 or less titles out there? I'd include:

Dan Beachy-Quick
C. Dale Young
Vievee Francis
Robert Fanning
Steve Scafidi, Jr.
Khan Davison
Kawita Kandpal
Tyehimba Jess
Christina Kallery
Norene Cashen
Aimee Nezhukumatathil

And again, the lack of any of those names to the left appearing on this list, or the hundreds or thousands of other excellent emerging poets? It goes to my not really delving into poetry until 2004, and not their work.

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