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April 02, 2007

It’s Only Me, Trying To Get Through

Ringtones say a lot about a person. Are you a vibrate--all-the-time on silent, with the phone secreted in your pocket? Or a top 40--set on single handedly saving the record industry with all the tracks your phone has? Or maybe you’ve even decided to go classic, with a ring that actually sounds like a telephone?

But I bet nobody’s got a ringtone like this: Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Paul Muldoon has written and recorded an original couplet available for free download to your cell phone. It goes:

“It’s only me, trying to get through

I’d really love to talk to you”

Delivered in a fantastic, soothing Irish brogue. You can listen to it here:

And what will this ringtone say about you? Maybe some of these quotes from reviews of Paul Muldoon’s latest books will help you decide: ‘immense wit;’ ‘a knockout;’ ‘full of manic glee;’ ‘plays guitar in a garage rock band; ‘seriously literary;’ ‘I have always had a soft spot for Paul Muldoon.’ Download it for free to your cell phone here.

And be sure to bring your hot new cell phone ring to our event on April 16th at The Strand, where Paul Muldoon will be locked in a full-tilt poetry battle! You'll be able to buy copies of Horse Latitudes and The End of the Poem at the event, or you can get them online now.