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April 20, 2007

"Even The Letters Grew Drowsy, Their Heads Drooping On The Page"

As I mentioned earlier, several factors conspired to keep Adam Zagajewski out of the recording studio in Boston (weirdly, though it was mostly the recording studio's fault), so the preview he had planned of his new poems (due out in a collection next April) is just not going to happen.

I suspect this will whet your appetite for Zagajewski just as well, though--SIX, count 'em SIX, poems recorded back in 1996, and most found in his 2003 selection collection, Without End.

Since there are so many, I'll just post the majority as downloads here:

'Mysticism for Beginners'

'My Self-Portrait'

'The Blackened River'

'In the Beauty Created By Others'

And here, for your streaming pleasure, is Zagajewski reading 'On Swimming' and 'She Wrote in Darkness':


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