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April 12, 2007

"The B Specials Had Stopped Him One Night"

Part of the joy of Paul Muldoon is that I've rarely seen him without a swirl of activity surrounding him. When he recorded these poems for the blog, we were in the thrall of publicity for Horse Latitudes and The End of the Poem, and the recording studio was absolutely packed. We had a sound guy, Paul's son, me, and then Robert Mackey, who was filming the session for posting on The New York Times website in conjunction with Charles McGrath's NYT Magazine article on Paul.

And yet, we still got a great recording from Paul of his poem, 'The Sightseers.' For this post, we've got the audio below, AND I'm linking here to Mackey's video of Muldoon's band Rackett, and if that doesn't convince you that the best place for you to be at 7 PM on Monday is the Strand Bookstore, for Muldoon's Quickmuse competition, then your cold, black heart is probably not susceptible to reason, so I won't worry any more about it.


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