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April 20, 2007

"The International Poetry Festival Thing"

The bad news: Adam Zagajewski wasn't able to record any new poems for us, because the recording studios we were working with in Boston were being difficult. Very, very difficult. And Adam Zagajewski was due to head back to Paris very soon, and the studio couldn't accomodate him and were very inflexible in their timing, and, so much the sadder for all, Adam had been planning to record some John Berryman for us in Boston. (Insert collective sigh of despair here.)

But trust me, I would never leave you with such a downer of a post on a beautiful Friday afternoon! I do have some really bangup recordings of Adam Zagajewski in 1996. Here he is reading another one of FSG's poets, Les Murray, who has a new book coming out next month, The Biplane Houses. This poem is fabulously titled 'The International Poetry Festival Thing.'


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