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April 09, 2007

"There Are Tigers Above And Below"

Eliza Griswold's Wideawake Field is the first debut collection of poetry to be published by FSG in eight years. So you know it's gotta be real big. It will be released next month, and Eliza was kind enough to give all of you a preview by joining in our big event at The Strand next week.

What I found especially cool about Eliza is that she's also a noted journalist--FSG will be publishing a nonfiction book from her in 2008, called The Tenth Parallel, about the warfare that occurs all around the world on that line. And not that any of you would expect any less of an FSG poet, but she's the real deal--be sure to check out some of the stories I've linked to here, as I think it adds another layer of insight into Eliza's poems just knowing where she's been (everywhere) and what she's seen (I'll refer you again to the poems).

Here's Eliza reading her poem 'Tigers,' which was made available last Friday for download in several forms.

As always, you can download the audio by clicking here.


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