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April 04, 2007

Two FSG Books Nominated for Griffin Poetry Prize

Right_banner_2 Two of FSG's books were nominated for this year's Griffin Poetry Prize: Frederick Seidel's Ooga Booga and Charles Wright's Scar Tissue.

The Griffin's website has a cool section called 'See and Hear poetry' where they post audio and text from awards ceremonies past, so you can see what they're all about. Or, if you fancy a trip to Toronto this June, you can buy tickets to the event.

We'll post a reading by Charles Wright later in the month, including his poem 'Looking West from Laguna Beach at Night,' which is a favorite of mine, and I'll have more on Frederick Seidel tomorrow. 

But just in case you need more Seidel right this second, let me draw your attention to a great article by Philip Connors published last year in n + 1 magazine, where Seidel makes a brief appearance writing poetry about 9/11 for The Wall Street Journal. No joke. Maud Newton ran an excerpt when the piece first came out, but if you buy the back issue here, you can read the whole thing.


Bob Denham

Wright's winning the Griffin Prize reminds us that his 1968 volume DREAM ANIMAL was published by Anansi Press, now owned by Scott Griffin.

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