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April 12, 2008

2008 Poet's House Showcase (Part 1)

Hp_sign_2I appreciate that this might sound especially nerdy, but I had a great time on Saturday afternoon checking out the 2008 Poet's House Showcase. (Yes, there was wine.)

As a visual representation of how significant poetry is to the publishing world, it's quite powerful--there are shelves filled with books, from big publishing houses on down to small publishers who only put out a book or two a year.

In the exhibit catalog, which is 63 double-sided pages, show coordinator Michael Romanos says:

"Of all the 2,128 titles documented at press time, 1,666 titles were published in 2007 and 462 in the first few months of 2008. Included in the exhibit are 566 chapbooks, 340 university titles, 150 anthologies, 24 multimedia works, and 176 poetry-related works of prose (biographies, critical studies, essay collections, and memoirs). There are also 96 works of translation, 48 of which appear in multi-lingual format."

I've got a bunch of pictures for you, appearing in the next few posts.


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