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April 09, 2008

A Great Tree With Rich Greenery Grows Over Us

Adamz_2 Let me save all of you from the same compulsive Googling fate that befell me when I first read Adam Zagajewski's Epithalamium--it was written for a specific occasion, and not in response to an event. (As you can imagine, I had tied myself in knots trying to decipher who, exactly, the dedication referred to.)  As Zagajewski says in his introduction:

It was actually commissioned. My friend from New York asked me to write this poem, and at first I didn't believe I could do it. But I didn't know the people who were going to be wed, so it helped.

Also I love that the title for Zagajewski's most recent book, Eternal Enemies, came from this poem, one that the poet was not even certain he wanted to write. You can download the audio here, or stream it live in the player below.


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