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April 16, 2008

An Evening Of Affection And Respect

I can't take credit for that title--those are the words that Poets House executive director Lee Briccetti used to introduce their tribute to Grace Paley, held in late 2007. Poets House was kind enough to share their audio with us, and I'll be posting selections from it all day today.

Here, poet Jean Valentine introduces and reads 'In the Bus,' including a funny story about visiting Grace in jail in Washington DC.

And here is poet Naomi Replansky reading several poems (including 'The Poet's Occasional Alternative,' which I adore) and speaking about the way New York City influenced Grace, and the ways Grace influenced the city.

"She would take realistic talk, intonations from the Bronx, or Lower East Side, or Greenwich Village, and heighten it until it became almost surreal."


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