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April 02, 2008

Coloring Outside Of The Lines

Obviously, I'm pretty psyched about the never-ending excitement that this blog has planned for National Poetry Month (I've just been able to confirm that we will be collaborating again with!), but I'd be remiss as a blogger if I didn't occasionally offer up some of the other activities going on this month.

  • April 17th is New York City's 6th Poem in Your Pocket day. This coincides nicely with our week-long celebration of FSG poetry in translation, so I'll keep an eye out for politicians carrying poetry from another country.
  • April 26th may be the first time anyone in the world has ever held a poetry cram. It's happening in Chicago at the Public Library, with the stated goal of "cram[ing] as many poets as possible into a two-hour stretch. One can only hope a representative of Featherproof Books and's poetry section will be on hand.
  • After the jump, my personal favorite for the best way to celebrate National Poetry Month at home...

Edgar_4 If this is what I think it is, is advocating teachers have children color in Edgar Allen Poe as a way to celebrate National Poetry Month. Which I am in favor of, naturally.

Particularly if they have classmates by the name of Lenore.



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