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April 08, 2008

Poetry CD Giveaway!

Cd_2 For those of you who may be tuning in to our blog for the first time this year, I have a great treat. FSG has created a CD of some of our favorite poetry recordings from last year, and I'm giving just three away on this blog. The recordings include:

There are lots more tracks, but I need to stop myself before I list all of them! If you're interested in receiving a CD, leave a comment below with the name of your favorite FSG poet. We'll choose three people at random to receive the CD. Let's put the end date on this tomorrow afternoon at 5 PM EST.


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Rebecca Belarge

Robert Pinsky during the day. Elizabeth Bishop at night. My two favs!

Travis Smith

Robert Lowell.
Cal, bring me luck!

Xavier Farre

Derek Walcott, undoubtedly.


August Kleinzahler as a matter of fact, for being endlessly engaging and - by virtue of still being alive - making the promise of more yet to come (unlike so many favourites).

Bill Cohen

I'll say Paul Muldoon. He is an intelligent and funny writer who is always a joy to hear read live. And, anyone who pens lyrics to a couple of Warren Zevon songs ("My Ride's Here," and "McGillicudy's Reeks") is a hero in my book.

Niall Munro

Federico Garcia Lorca - for his wonderful, powerful imagery of the city and of the countryside. It would be great if FSG could release a recording of his poems being read in both the original Spanish and in English.


Wow - there are several -

It'd narrow it down to between John Ashbery, Ted Hughes.


Philip Larkin. Surly and subversive, but a master of subtle tone shifts.


How about the turfy tongue of Seamus Heaney? Or maybe that progging ploughboy, John Clare?

Chris K.

Fred Seidel. Need I say more?


Rilke, always.



Actually, Heaney.

No, I mean Hughes.

I mean Bishop.

Er, Fred Seidel.

Philip Larkin.


David Livewell

My favorite FSG poem and poet would be "Clearances" by Seamus Heaney: pure perfection.

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