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April 04, 2008

Save Yourself From Love

Paley_2 A real treat for this rainy, gray, nasty Friday in New York City: a downloadable broadsheet poster featuring Anti-Love Poem by Grace Paley (from her new book Fidelity).

As you might know, Grace passed away last year at the age of 84 (we'll have more on her life later today). Fidelity is a collection of Paley's last poems, which sound as vital to me as talking with my friends over drinks--the topics include communication between sibling, joy at walking the streets of New York, and the strange paths of relationships.

Perhaps because of this chummy feeling I felt with Grace, I had originally intended for this downloadable poster take a slightly different turn. In fact the original email to the designer contained this lovely line of description:

I'm envisioning something totally over the top, like black hearts and silly angelic-type skulls.

Clearly, I had been spending too much time thinking about the upcoming Murakami exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum and scrolling the pages of Etsy, and not nearly enough time thinking about what might appeal to, you know, ACTUAL OTHER PEOPLE. Thank goodness I had a really smart designer, who understand that they should never listen to a creative writing major for advice about design.

You can go here to download Anti-Love Poem--we've got a lot of options, including posting it on your blog, or turning it into your desktop. Let me know what you've used it for in the comments below!



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