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April 15, 2008

There Is Your Bending Neck

Mclane A little homework for all of you.

With the release of Same Life, coming out this September, Maureen McLane will be the newest poet to enter FSG’s roster. (Maureen, please keep an eye out for your jersey, which should be in the mail.) And I think it’s time you all get to know her a bit better.

So today for you I have a downloadable broadsheet, a preview of the poem After Sappho IV from Same Life. You can set it as your computer’s wallpaper, or print it out and hang it on the actual wall—I’m not picky about the way you appreciate our poetic broadsheets, and I suspect Maureen is fairly loose about it as well.

Please also read Maureen's fabulous, and hilarious, article from The Boston Review about teaching some rather reluctant children—are there any other kind?—at the East Harlem poetry project.

“We faced, of course, some problems of definition. With kids, unlike undergraduates or grumpy academics or bickering coterie poets, one need never enter into metaphysical, formal, or historical debates revolving around the question, ‘What is a poem?’ Anything you said was a poem. A prose poem, a poem in stanzas, a poem in free-verse lines: all were poems. No problem: who cares? It became clear that our tacit definition of ‘poem’ was, ‘a short piece of writing, in lines, more or less.’”

I’ll also have some audio and maybe even a guest blog from her in the coming weeks, so be ready. 


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Joshua Cohen

Maureen is great. I think her book title is Same Life, not Still Life.


Good catch, alert reader! I was just testing all of you. And you passed with flying colors.

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