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May 02, 2008

One More Poetry Giveaway!

Cd After checking out what a great month the blog has had, in terms of hits and attention, we decided we couldn't end National Poetry Month without one more big THANK YOU to everyone who read.

So we've got ten more CDs to give away, all filled with the best recordings from the FSG poetry blog both from this year and last year. You've got Seamus Heaney (reading Ted Hughes), Maureen McLane, Henri Cole (reading Elizabeth Bishop), C.K. Williams, and Eliza Griswold, and that is just for starters.

So if you would like to be entered to win one of these ten CDs, please leave a comment below with the name of your favorite poem by an FSG poet. We'll pick ten winners at random on May 9th.

And thanks again for reading!


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Travis Oliver Green Smith

I love "The Mockingbird" by Randall Jarrell. Cal didn't give me much luck with the CDs last time, so maybe his friend will...


I've always loved August Kleinzahler--particularly "Where souls go."

reza rosli

One problem with the blog, I can't seem to find any links to read back further than April 21st!


One? That's tough.

How about Larkin, "Deceptions"? The bit about fulfillment's desolation is incredible.


c.k. william's the guardian is pretty fantastic.


He might not be getting as much mention, but by god James McMichael is a dense treasure. "Each in a Place Apart" might be my favorite, at least for now.


How can anyone ever go wrong with Elizabeth Bishop's "One Art"? I will love it forever.


I've always loved "The Triumph of Achilles" by Louise Gluck. It comes to my mind often.


what? no Jeremy Reed check out his myspace thingy for new ventures in audio poetry


I love it

Rich Rennicks

My favorite in recent years is Seamus Heaney's simple, but evocative "Nonce Words" in District & Circle.


"The Light of the World," by FSG's wonderful Derek Walcott. It is among his most wrenching, spirited poems.

"...they left me on earth."


This is a tough but fun one!

I'll have to go with "Impossible to Tell" by Robert Pinsky.


"Gravity and Center" - Henri Cole

Joe Wright

I'm going to have to go with Paul Muldoon's Holy Thursday. It has been one of my favorite poems for some time now.


Desire. Frank Bidart. The Second Hour of The Night.


"Tantrum," by C.K. Williams

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