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April 16, 2009

Frederick Seidel's Evening Man

EveningMan_better card Just a reminder to everyone that we're still planning to give away 50 copies of Frederick Seidel's chapbook 'Evening Man.' This is a limited-edition print run chapbook, and each edition is signed by the poet.

To enter to win a copy, just go here. Winners will be notified in the beginning of May.


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I just received Frederick Seidel's chapbook 'Evening Man' and couldn't remember when I'd ordered it. And directly from Macmillan?

A quick google then "ahhh yesss."

What a nice surprise to find in my mail.

Thank you FGS for your efforts during "Poetry Month", especially the poem-a-day emails.

Now to the reading...

Jon Snider

Eric Ziegenhagen

Another excited winner here -- thanks so much for running this contest.

I also created a Wikipedia entry a few months ago for the Cynthia Krupat, who deserves more attention on the Internet.

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