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April 01, 2009

The 2009 FSG Poetry Ringtone

I've got good news for you fans of mobile technology and poetry: the FSG poetry ringtone is back for another year. As in the past two years, we've got an original couplet, composed by one of FSG's award-winning poets, available for download to your cell as a ringtone. Highly recommended for savvy poetry fans who appreciate a little lightness in their verse.

In 2007, Paul Muldoon wrote the ringtone. And last year we heard from Robert Pinsky (who you can listen to this year over at Norton's website Poems Out Loud).

This year's couplet is by Susan Wheeler, who just had a collection of poetry released. You can listen to her ringtone in the box below, or here's the couplet for those of you who like your poetry quiet:

No talk, no text, no tweet --
Next time, let's meet!

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