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April 19, 2010

A Poetry Giveaway

This year we've partnered up with GetGlue to give away a few of our favorite poetry titles to a couple lucky readers. If you're not familiar with GetGlue, it's a service and browser plugin that allows you to recommend books, movies, and music to your friends no matter where you are online. For instance, if you review Words in Air on Amazon, and your friend sees the book on Goodreads, GetGlue will tell your friend about your review. You can sign up and find out more info here.

GetGlue has devised a system where the biggest fans of a given topic - say, poetry - are deemed "gurus" and instantly qualify for our little giveaway. If you're a web-savvy reader of poetry, consider this a reward.


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Jessan Dunn Otis

Poetry ~ my essential Love/Life.

Thank you for this.

Dance on...

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