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April 12, 2010

Jonathan Galassi on Discovering New Poets

Throughout the month FSG publisher, poet, and translator Jonathan Galassi will be adding his thoughts on various aspects of the poetry world.

People ask me where FSG finds new poetry to publish. We get manuscripts from all over the place. We hear about people from other poets and other publishers. I wouldn't say there's any one channel. The poetry world is concentrated enough that you can tap into the conversation if you're open to it. Especially in translation, it often takes a long time for a poet's work to have gelled to the point where it makes sense for it to be published here.

If the poetry is really significant, its luster will only increase over time. Its importance will emerge. I think about that a lot with the publishing of poetry. Or publishing anything, really. We publish a lot of books, many of which are very important in the time they're being published. But only a few of even the best of what we publish will carry over into the future. There's a winnowing process that's always involved. And poetry is a place where the lag time is long. That's a good thing.

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