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April 30, 2010

Jonathan Galassi on the State of Poetry

Throughout the month FSG publisher, poet, and translator Jonathan Galassi will be adding his thoughts on various aspects of the poetry world.

Everything is going on. From very formal poetry to poetry that's indistinguishable from prose. There's multimedia poetry. Spoken poetry that's meant to be consumed that way. The auditory aspect of poetry is much more a part of the game. There's Dominique Raccah's site, they're doing exciting work.

It's about diversity. It's about multiple channels of expression. As the culture gets more unitary in certain ways, there has to be a countervailing freedom. Poetry is a place where that happens. I think there are a lot of affinities between that freedom in poetry and the Internet. The openness. Poetry is ideally suited to the Internet. It's easily digested, it's short, it’s easy to share. 


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