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April 19, 2010

Louise Glück on Poetry Month

For National Poetry Month, Elisa Gonzalez at the Yale Daily News sat down with Louise Glück, author of A Village Life. They talked about such diverse topics as Louise's teaching at Yale and her personal fashion sense (there's talk of leather and Mick Jagger). We've excerpted Louise's thoughts on poetry month (spoiler: she's not a fan); I'd recommend the rest of the interview for Louise's funny, smart responses. // Adam Eaglin

Q: What do you think of National Poetry Month?

A: I don’t like it. And the reasons are myriad. It describes itself as being a celebration of poetry, but really it is a kind of hawking and forcing of an art, as though without that push from publicity, the art would not survive. So it seems to me demeaning, insulting and misguided. I think the art will survive. It always has. The idea of National Poetry Month is that it would be better to have a bigger audience. But I think poetry has always found an audience, and that audience makes up in passion for what it lacks in numbers. And that’s fine.


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