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April 30, 2010

The End of Poetry Month

As we head into the final hours of National Poetry Month, I thought we could look back on some of our favorite posts from the past few weeks. 

Charles BernsteinMaureen N. McLane, and Don Paterson each shared their favorite poets and collections.

Louise Glück shared some pointed words about poetry month: "The idea of National Poetry Month is that it would be better to have a bigger audience. But I think poetry has always found an audience, and that audience makes up in passion for what it lacks in numbers. And that’s fine."

Henri Cole undertook a literary pilgrimage to James Wright's Martin's Ferry.

Adam interviewed some of the best and brightest poetry editors, including Meghan O'Rourke (Paris Review), Christian Wiman (Poetry), and Robert Casper (jubilat).

Our friends at Graywolf Press ruminated on the terrible hydra known as the poetry reading.

While poetry month is a great reason to collect all of the together, of course we publish and discuss poetry year round. Personally,I'm pretty excited about Magrelli's Vanishing Points in July. 

We've been thinking about periodically updating The Best Words in Their Best Order after April. What do you think? Is there anything in particular you'd like to see more of?

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Helen DeWitt

There was a moderated dialogue in Vice a few years ago between Jonathan Galassi and Elaine Myles that seemed to offer participants more freedom than a typical interview; I haven't seen that format very often and would love to see more. I'd be interested to know more about poets' engagement with other languages; Pound always seemed to have the attitude that if there was good poetry in a language you should learn enough of the language to read the poetry, a point of view not much encouraged in schools. Also (not sure whether this would work): I often find an extraordinary inventiveness and energy in the language people use in emails to me on various aspects of literature; if FSG poets or editors have had the same experience they might publish extracts?


The nice page.

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