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January 17, 2012

Tibor de Nagy gallery presents 'Objects and Apparitions' through Jan. 21


Elizabeth Bishop, 'Sleeping Figure'


From the New York Times:

The theme shared by the display of little-known paintings (at least on the East Coast) by the eccentric San Francisco painter and collagist Jess (1923-2004) and of artworks and objects made collected or inherited by the poet Elizabeth Bishop (1911-79) is the often polymorphous nature of talent.


The exhibition also includes an attempt at assemblage that reflects Bishop’s admiration for Joseph Cornell; two paintings by the Key West primitive painter Gregorio Valdes as well as folk-art sculptures of South American derivation. But beyond Bishop’s own art, the most resonant inclusion is the small, skillful undated oil sketch by her great-uncle George Hutchinson that records a view of the Nova Scotia farm where she spent the happiest years of her childhood and inspired her 64-line “Poem,” published in The New Yorker in 1972. Toward the conclusion of this homage to immediate and remembered visual experience, one line especially encapsulates Bishop’s sensibility: “how live, how touching in detail.”


‘Objects and Apparitions’ 

Tibor de Nagy  

724 5th Ave # 12  

New York, NY 10019-4194



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